THE COMPANY  Z MALAN is a luxury brand that stands for excellence and confidence.  Each headpiece has its own unique quality designed to uplift the spirit and remind the wearer they deserve the very best.  Adhering to the time-honored tradition of couture millinery standards, each headpiece is created using highly sought after silks, velvet, felts, distinctive beads, pearls, Swarovski crystals, and an extravagant array of delicate feathers.

The Designer

Always fascinated by color and style, Z soaked up the training she received from her mother at an early age.  By the time she was 8, she had begun creating her own style.  By age twelve, she would create tailor-made suits and dresses.  The designer launched her first label at age nineteen and was featured in Essence Magazine.  Some of her fashions can be seen in Jumping the Broom by Harriette Cole, then Fashion Director of Essence Magazine.  Z took a hiatus to raise her four children and nurture dormant talents.  After what seemed like a lifetime away from fashion, she emerged in full bloom.

From her millinery studio in Brooklyn, New York, Z MALAN burned the candle at both ends creating her collection.  She would scrap a piece that took days to make.  Why?  It didn't meet her rigorous standards.  It is still her policy today.  If it doesn't please Z it doesn't deserve to leave her studio.


A New Beginning

She established her millinery company in May 2013.  It is a luxury brand that stands for excellence and confidence.  Each headpiece is a reflection of quality and artistry designed to uplift the spirit.  Even though Z started out adorning women with her creations she quickly recognized that men wanted to be chapeaued too.  Some high profile celebrities and sports figures have become beneficiaries of the class and style that is Z MALAN.  Z's adherence to the time-honored tradition of couture millinery standards is the reason perfectionists like Dwyane Wade have become Z's biggest fans.  They know they are wearing hats and headpieces hand-stitched, hand-blocked and hand-beaded to perfection.

“Thank you so much!!!! The headpiece was to die for. I received so many compliments
— Mia Wright
“Thank you for creating these amazing pieces for me to rock
— Dwyane Wade